Hornbeam reduction in Wythenshawe, Manchester

Recent work - Before and after shot of a Hornbeam reduction in Wythenshawe

The brief: Hornbeam reduction

Our client loved this mature Hornbeam. However, in recent years it had become overgrown and dense.

Sadly, it was blocking out a lot of the light into his garden. Branches were threatening his guttering and there was little clearance under the tree.

With that in mind, our brief was to:

  • lift the crown by 1.5mts
  • reduce the crown by 1.5 to 2mts
  • thin the tree by 15-20%.

Before scheduling in the work, we contacted the planning department at Manchester City Council to check.

Within 24 hours, Manchester City Council confirmed that no Tree Preservation Orders were present.

Reducing this hornbeam was a really fun job. It was a beautiful tree to climb with lots of lateral limbs. As a climber, we love jobs like this.

Pruning jobs are the artistic side of tree surgery. We love trees, and we help owners and trees live happily side by side for years to come.

If you’d like to find out whether you need permission to either remove or prune a tree on your property, get in touch with us today.

We can confirm if you live in a conservation area and assess whether there are any Tree Preservation Orders present.

We work closely with all the councils across Greater Manchester and can often find out in less than 24 hrs.

If planning is required we can apply for permission for you. Once the application is complete, permission is granted within 6 weeks.


Move the slider below to see the result of our Hornbeam reduction.

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    1. hi Sarah, sorry for my delay in reply. Happy to give you a ballpark figure from a photo. If you’d like to send it through to the website via the request a quote page, or text it to 07853 883411 I’d be happy to help. All the best, Leo

  1. I admire how you proactively checked for Tree Preservation Orders, ensuring a smooth process for your client. Your passion for tree care shines through in your description of the Hornbeam pruning job, and your willingness to assist clients in understanding regulations reflects a responsible approach to tree management. Keep up the great work in maintaining the balance between client satisfaction and sustainable tree care!

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